Comparing TV Attribution Methodologies

Comparing TV Attribution Methodologies: A Modern Perspective As traditional television advertising continues to evolve in the era of digital marketing, understanding the effectiveness of your TV advertisements is more important than ever. This is where TV attribution steps in – it’s the measurement of the impact of TV ads on viewer behaviour. However, not all […]

Differences between TV and Radio Attribution

Introduction: Understanding the Differences between TV and Radio Attribution As advertisers strive to optimize their media mix and maximize campaign ROI, it’s crucial to understand the differences between TV and radio attribution. In this article, we’ll explore the distinctions between these two mediums, from data collection methods to targeting capabilities and unique challenges. Data Collection […]

Disrupting TV Advertising Impressions

Understanding the Limitations of Estimated TV Impressions There are several reasons why using estimated TV impressions can be misleading and detrimental to your business. To understand these limitations, we need to examine how these estimates are created. The foundation of these impression estimates is a representative sample of viewership. This sample is then extrapolated to […]

How does TV Attribution work?

How does tv attribution work? An Introduction to TV Attribution Methods: Traditional vs. Quality Analytics Approach Overview of Traditional TV Attribution Methods Traditional TV attribution methods have long been the cornerstone of evaluating TV advertising performance, begging the question: How does tv attribution work? These methods focus on measuring audience reach, frequency, and demographics to […]

The differences between CTV and Linear TV Attribution?

Introduction to CTV and Linear TV Attribution As the television landscape evolves, advertisers must adapt their strategies to effectively measure the performance of their campaigns. Understanding the differences between Connected TV (CTV) and Linear TV attribution is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing ad spend. This article will explore the distinctions between the two, […]

What is TV Attribution? Updated 2023

Introduction to TV Attribution In the competitive world of advertising, accurately measuring the impact of campaigns is essential for achieving success. It ensures the optimization of strategies and maximizes return on investment (ROI). While digital platforms have provided marketers with robust data analytics tools to evaluate campaign effectiveness, traditional TV advertising has lagged in this […]